Death March in Playa Del Carmen

Playa del Carmen beach.

Beach in Playa del Carmen.

My wife Jane is a walking machine. According to her, there is almost nothing better than walking on the beach 2 to 2.5 hours, twice a day, every day, whenever there’s a beach to walk on. Playa Del Carmen has a beautiful beach for walking, especially if you head South from Calle 28 till whenever you want to stop. I must confess that, more than once, we talked about “What if we just kept walking?” We had credit cards, cell phones and each other. What more did we need to wonder off and start anew? One day our fantasy was terminated rather abruptly when Jane’s bare foot discovered the jaw of a Barracuda, complete with most of it’s razor sharp teeth. Ouch!  After a very short commiseration ( Jane is quite durable and hates to make a fuss about herself.) we trudged on to the end of our walk with our eyes focused on the sand ahead, and flights of fancy grounded for another day.

barracuda jaw

Barracuda jaw with sharp teeth.


About Ted West

Fine art photographer, digital artist and film maker.
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