Playa Del Carmen death march saga continues…

Playa del Carmen graffiti

Playa del Carmen graffiti

On todays death march, I was informed we’d be heading North from Constituyentes along the beach, and come back through town.  Sounds great I said as we made it out the door.  Typical beach fare for the most part. About half way through the beach portion of our walk we came upon the Hotel Grand Coco Bay. It is situated near the Isla Del Playa Del Carmen. Not sure I’d call it an island, as it seemed from my vantage point more like an outcropping of rocks just poking their heads above the water.  Anyway it’s enough to provide a small bit of protection for a few small boats. If you’re into boats, it’s kinda fun to look at.  Beyond that point, there’s nothing but fenced jungle on your left, with an occasional guard? patrolling the grounds, or  condo development with its own guard patrolling. Having grown tired of our walk, Jane decides we should head into town for the walk back. There are public access roads, senderos, paths, whatnots every Kilometer or so. We took the first left we could, and began our trek to town for the return walk.

Path to Calle 72

From the beach to Calle 72

The path, edged on either side by a tall fence, was quite rough and footware was put back on. Emerging from the undeveloped bush on  Calle 72, hung a left on Avenida 10 and headed back home.  Not a tourist in sight!  This was like going behind the curtains at the play and seeing all the behind the scenes stuff, except in this case, the real Playa.

Playa del Carmen street scene

Playa del Carmen Avenida 10.

The Playa where Mexicans live with stores, laundries, schools, little restaurants where you’d expect to see Anthony Bourdain. Chickens, dogs and graffiti.

We turned East on 46 to look at some new condo construction, and back South on Flamingos to Calle 38 and up to avenida 5, and back home. Calle 38 to Avenida 5 is really a nice walk with lots of trees and winding sidewalks. Be sure and go back in the evenings. It seemed more European in this area, lots of Italian and French restaurants and shops.


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