Ink Face_1

Ink Face_1

Ink Face_1

Picked up the pen the other day. Here’s one of what came out.

10″ x 10″ limited edition of 5 on archival paper.


About Ted West

Fine art photographer, digital artist and film maker.
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11 Responses to Ink Face_1

  1. Hey Ted .. thanks for contributing a like to my blog today .. that gave me the opportunity to cruise your place a bit … nice (thought provoking) stuff. Wish I had a studio to offer more control. Thanks again. D

    • Ted West says:

      Thank you! I used to raise chickens, many years ago, and am thinking about the sustainable farming life. Your pic of the chicken feet really grabbed me.

  2. Weird…, cool.., like it:)!!

  3. Ms. Nine says:

    A superhero in the making. All Ink Face needs is a nemesis.

  4. Ms. Nine says:

    Like maybe Eraser Head

  5. Bosartis says:

    I call it the Art of the Doodle – Often do this meself just to see what transpires – sometimes subliminal messages and quite amazing insightful Art appears. Many thanks by the way for your “Like” recently – always good to see other’s work and ideas.

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