The Blackest Black

Day ten post operation to repair a torn retina.

It started with foggy vision and lots and lots of floaters one morning. Went to the eye doctor the next morning, and was seeing a corneal expert that afternoon. Surgery was scheduled for the following day. Wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. I went from relative normalcy to being blind in one eye. The cause being nothing more than age and genetics.  Quite the shock for one that makes a living with their eyes.

The doctor said I might see some blackness in the lower region of my sight. Little did I realize when I did see the blackness was how absolutely pure and unflinchingly black it was.

The good news is that the retina was successfully repaired, but now I’m dealing with a cataract caused by the gas bubble in my eye that held the retina in place while it healed.

This will take some time.


About Ted West

Fine art photographer, digital artist and film maker.
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5 Responses to The Blackest Black

  1. Oh my goodness! May it heal soonest!

  2. Aline says:

    My worst nightmare! I hope you get through it with both eyes working.

  3. Ow. I’m so sorry. Tough ordeal for you. Hope the doctor can take care of that cataract for you, and that you’ll soon be A-OK and back in action. Hang tough, keep the faith.

    • Ted West says:

      Thanks Mark. The cataract has gone away, so no surgery for that, in the near future anyway. Bubble is still present, although much smaller. I’m hoping it’ll be gone by next week.

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