Perdido Key Death March, Traveling with the Grandkid and Redemption.

Perdido Key

Perdido Key

Recently went down to Perdido Key Florida. Along with my wife Jane, her son, daughter in law and 18 month old granddaughter joined us for the trip.

I was looking forward to lots of shrimp and beer on this trip, and even the unavoidable death march up and down the beach. I’d been doing an extreme cardio program since we got back from Play del Carmen, and wanted to see if my hard work would pay off.

We’d barely arrived at our condo when the subject of eating came up. Usually when traveling I prefer local eating establishments. But when the group you’re traveling with is exceedingly hungry, lack of rational dictates you end up at the nearest fast food with emphasis on fast.

Little did I realize that stopping at a fast food joint might provide the death march redemption I’ve been trying to find these past few years.

At the restaurant, a diaper change was needed and off flew grandma to the car to fetch one. In her haste, Jane tripped over a curb and scrapped her toe quite severely and deposited some flesh on the curb.

Jane’s injured toe

It’s a well known fact, ( at least in the family ) that Jane will leave a bit of her flesh at our destination.

Usually the giving of flesh is usually preceded by the consumption of copious amounts of tequila. Jane then stumbles or trips on a curb or rock where some of her flesh and blood will be deposited. But this time it was the siren’s call of the grandkid needing a diaper change. No alcohol was involved whatsoever, but the needs of the first grandkid can have strange effects on a grandmother.

Needless to say it didn’t slow down Jane’s enthusiasm for the death march.

The beach at Perdido Key was actually quite nice. Flat, hard packed for the most part, easy to walk on. Being so close to the Rosamond Johnson Beach, the very western part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, people were few and far between.

Perdido Key

Perdido Key

So did I find redemption? Did all my cardio preparation pay off?

Let’s just say that cardio is now a life style and I’ll never be able to out pace my wife.

I am at peace.


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