Halloween in Playa del Carmen. Queremos Halloween!

I want to apologize for the crappy pics. iphone and low light levels are not good for street photography. Next time I’ll bring my real camera.

Halloween in Playa del Carmen, could hardly wait! Even Walmart had sugar skulls.

Candy Skulls at Walmart.

Candy Skulls at Walmart.

Saw a little devil going from store to store on 5th, but it wasn’t till we were taking chocolate at “Ah Cacao” when a little girl came in dressed as Cinderella, that I realized the children went from business to business on 5th for some Halloween goodies.

Setting up Day of the Dead Altar.

Setting up Day of the Dead Altar at Ah Cacao.

Day of the Dead Altar with ofrendas.

Day of the Dead Altar with ofrendas.

Sugar skull

Candy skull close up.

Night had finally arrived and out we went. Starting at the South end of 5th, we walked to the North end and back. This was the only time I have ever walked down 5th and not been hounded by the vendors.

playa halloween_5340

Strolling for treats.

playa halloween

Woe to the diner that offers treats!

I would not recommend eating at one of the sidewalk restaurants on Halloween. Chances are very good you will be mobbed by a swarm of children yelling “Queremos Halloween!”

playa halloween

Getting swarmed by costumed children.

Be sure and bring a pocket full of change or a couple of bags of candy to hand out to the kids.

playa halloween

Even the dogs wore costumes.

playa halloween

Tres Day of the Dead Dudes.

playa halloween

A little “Bruja”

playa halloween

Clever design and costume.

playa halloween

Cute kid in costume.

black cat

Even a black cat showed up.

playa halloween

Handing out candy.

playa halloween

3 Day of the Dead Chicas.

playa halloween

I’m not sure…

playa halloween

Red Ridding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf!

playa halloween

A very large baby!

playa halloween_5235

A couple of devils and their children.

playa halloween_5253

Everybody was taking photos.

playa halloween_5245 playa halloween_5237


playa halloween

By the end of the night, this dog was tired.



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